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Carrefour will no longer sell plastic cotton swabs from March 1st


the French supermarket giant, the Carrefour group will no longer sell plastic cotton buds in Belgium from the first of March. Bio-degradable alternatives are already available on the store’s shelves. These small utensils will be quickly followed by other objects. In the coming weeks, Carrefour will also stop selling straws, goblets, cutlery and disposable plastic glass. They too will be replaced by sustainable alternatives.

“All these measures are the result of act 9 where Carrefour undertakes to ban plastic items for single use and to promote all alternatives in favour of the environment”, justifies the company in a statement.

As a reminder, these small plastic objects end up in the oceans every year where they are absorbed by animals or degrade into microparticles ingested by fish that we consume later. The major problem of plastic is its extremely slow degradation with regard to the time of its use.


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