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Carrefour will finally close its former Genk hypermarket

The former Carrefour hypermarket in Genk will finally close its doors: even as a ‘simple’ supermarket, the point of sale does not seem viable. At least sixteen jobs are threatened by this closure.

As part of the transformation plan of the French distributor whose objective was to tackle the problem of hyper deficit, the hypermarket of Genk should have closed its doors more than a year ago already. However, the unions had obtained the authorization to convert the hyper in Carrefour Market of a smaller format.

But this alternative was not conclusive: “The hyper was badly located, the rent too high and the competition around too important,” says the spokesman Marco Demerling in the newspaper De Tijd. Economically the store was not viable, it seems.

last month the lessor Wereldhave indicated that Carrefour still paid the rent for a space of 4,100 m², of which it occupies more than half, the current lease expires at the end of 2019.
In addition, Wereldhave sues Carrefour in court. The rent includes a fixed part and a variable part, which depends on the sales made. Since half of the store is unoccupied, it generates less revenue, which has an impact on the rental income of the real estate group. Therefore Wereldhave requires a penalty of 10,000 euros per day for this partial vacancy. This could be one of the reasons for the sudden closure.


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