While the distributor has allowed its customers to use their own containers for more than a year, three lines of Carrefour brand products have seen their packaging (polystyrene or plastic) replaced at the self-service butcher’s department. “The veal, the organic range and the poultry are now packed in a recyclable cardboard box superimposed with a plastic film, or on recyclable cardboard on which is placed the meat wrapped in a plastic bag under vacuum” explains Carrefour. “These packages are separate, allowing the cardboard to be recycled and the plastic film to be placed in the PMC bag.”

The supermarket chain, which says it is actively fighting against single-use plastic, also announces that other sustainable initiatives will follow. The group is committed to ensuring that all packaging for its organic products is recyclable by 2020. By 2022, the brand will also include 50% recycled plastic in its bottles of juice and soda, and 50% in its water bottles.

Carrefour also aims by 2025 to reach 100% of recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging for its products. However, for NGOs like Greenpeace, “the best way to recycle waste is not to produce it”.

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