Carrefour will host, on May 14, a new e-commerce site called Loop. An initiative launched by a handful of multinationals, who are testing a returnable packaging proposal to reduce waste production. And increase sales prices.

Loop is the result of a partnership between 25 giants of consumer goods (Nestlé, Mars Petcare, Mondelez, Danone, Proctor & Gamble, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Lesieur, etc.) and TerraCycle, a recycling specialist.

Industrialists, all co-founders of the project, offer some of their products in reusable packaging after cleaning. Milka biscuits are sold in a nice metal box (but always presented in individual bags), Lesieur or Puget oils are packaged in decorated bottles.

For the launch of the service in France, Loop has partnered with Carrefour, which will host the site on its Internet portal and which also adds some MDD references to the catalog. In the UK, similarly, Loop has partnered with Tesco.

Loop will be officially launched in France on May 14, but the merchant window is already online. The offer at this stage is short. 73 codes, in total, for food (exclusively groceries and beverages). But the challenge here is to attract a few loyal fans from the major brands present, to convert them to recyclable packaging.

For each product, you must agree to pay a deposit in addition to the selling price. High when the packaging is a beautiful object (3 euros to pay for a box of cereals whose content itself is 3 euros), more symbolic when the container is basic (25 cents for the glass bottle of an oil Carrefour sunflower).

The orders are delivered at home in a flexible bag compartmentalized (on the Paris region at first). In order to obtain reimbursement of the instructions, the customer places the empty packaging back in the bag and requests a specific pick-up (or gives it to the delivery person at the next order). Customer can choose the option “automatic reloading”, which commits him to buy the same reference again but it avoids the tedious step payment-repayment of the deposit on each purchase.

Read more about Loop here.

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