The Carrefour hypermarket in Claye-Souilly (77) serves as a pilot for the brand in a project for the automatic recognition of products on the shelves. A first test has already been conducted in Portet-sur-Garonne (31).

The distributor chose the solution developed by French start-up Qopius, a specialist in image recognition and artificial intelligence.

By relying on a network of cameras, the system is able, automatically, to identify breaks on the shelves and check compliance with merchandising plans. Store staff are alerted in real time of detected anomalies.

The information collected, moreover, makes it possible to precisely locate each reference. It is therefore possible to offer precise guidance of employees or customers to the desired product (Pricer partner, Qopius is even able to blink the electronic tags concerned by a request).

The Qopius solution was first tested before the summer of 2018 in the hyper Carrefour in Portet-sur-Garonne.

Carrefour has launched earlier a store in Brasil that uses the option “Scan&Go” to ease the check-out operation, Read more about it.

Source: Lineaires

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