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Carrefour steps up its commitment to local producers!

Carrefour steps up its commitment to local producers!

Last year, Carrefour Spain worked with 9400 Spanish companies – around 4000 of which were small and medium-sized businesses. SOCOMO – the Group’s central buying office for horticultural products – distributed 416,000 tonnes of Spanish products in 2014

“Carrefour Spain is stepping up its commitment in relation to local producers. Their products are used to adapt our ranges so that we can cater to the tastes and customs of various regions throughout the country, says Rafael Arias Salgado, president of the Carrefour Group in Spain.

SOCOMO distributed 416,000 tonnes of Spanish fruit and vegetables

Carrefour works with SOCOMO, the central buying office. It sources products from Spain’s main farming regions and then supplies them to Carrefour stores throughout the country, as well as other countries in which the Group operates.

As a subsidiary of the Carrefour Group, SOCOMO is Spain’s leading seller of horticultural products and the country’s biggest exporter in the horticultural sector. In 2014, around 416,000 tonnes of Spanish fruit and vegetables were distributed, including 177,000 tonnes which were exported to Brazil, France, Italy, Poland, etc.

Spanish products – a benchmark for business

Carrefour provides its customers with a wide range of products made by major national companies – as well as by small and medium-sized businesses – in each of the regions in which the retailer operates. As well as ensuring that each store’s product assortment is adapted to the requirements of each region, building relationships with local and regional companies is a priority for the group. This policy helps to create jobs at both local and regional level.

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