One of Europe’s largest trading companies wants to launch a new start in Italy. Carrefour announced the collaboration with JoinTag. JoinTag was founded in 2013 and relies on beacon technology. Customers include not only retailers but also museums and tourism providers.

As the company has revealed in a press release, JoinTag technology is being introduced in more than 200 Carrefour stores and 40 hyper-centers in Italy. In total, Carrefour has over 1,074 outlets in Italy, including 50 Carrefour hypermarkets and 406 Carrefour supermarkets.

With the proximity technology, the customers should be addressed both in the immediate vicinity and within the shops, for example, directly on the shelf. The Kariboo platform initiated by JoinTag will also be used. It combines a number of apps and is available to brand manufacturers to market their products

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