Carrefour Poulguinan Kerdrezec will open on Sundays

After Leclerc Frais road of Stang-Bihan, then the new Grand Frais brand arrived in April at the Hippodrome, the Géant Casino hypermarket on the Bénodet road in June. The Carrefour hypermarket of Poulguinan Kerdrezec will also open all Sundays early this year.

In the group of about 190 hypers, the opening of Sunday morning has been widespread for a year, several institutions have taken the step. According to the specialized website LSA Commerce and Consumption “each opening will be accompanied by compensation for employees, as part of the agreement of November 22, 2017, signed by the NUCM (National Union of Carrefour group management), FO and the CFDT “And” employees, whose volunteering “must be clearly stated,” will receive a salary increase of 100% “..