Carrefour Italia: online shopping is easy with Auto-Add

Carrefour Italia, always attentive to the needs of consumers and ready to respond to their needs thanks to the integration of traditional and digital services, enriches the online shopping experience on thanks to the Auto-Add feature, which allows the customer to set the frequency with which their favorite products will be added automatically to the digital cart.

The new Auto-Add feature is added to the other services already available on e-commerce and offers the customer a new customer journey, speeded up, optimized and simplified. Thanks to a simple click, the customer can in fact set the frequency (at every order, weekly, monthly) and the quantity of products without having to worry about adding them to the cart.

Enrico Fantini, eCommerce Director of Carrefour Italia, commented: “Carrefour Italia is constantly committed to actively listening to its customers and to research, develop and offer the same state-of-the-art technological solutions able to meet their real needs. Thanks to the new functionality of automatic product addition, we are able to concretely and further improve the online shopping experience, simplifying it and making online shopping even faster “.