Carrefour involved in the solid waste collection

Carrefour involved in the solid waste collection

On June 4th, 2014, Carrefour Brazil launched today in São Paulo its 138th recyclable materials drop-off station, as part of its sustainability program “Recycling Stations”, which is carried out in partnership with the multinationals Mondelēz and Tetra Pak.

The three companies invested around 4 million Reais in the renovation of 44 existing drop-off stations and the installation of another 85 (138  in total) in Carrefour stores spread through 13 Brazilian states (47 cities). As a result of such expansion, the collection capacity grew from 350 tons  to over 1,000 tons per month. The stations can receive waste including paper, plastic, metal, glass and Tetra Pak packaging. The program is aligned with the National Solid Waste Policy, which sets the guidelines for public-private partnerships to address this issue in Brazil.

The project is aimed not only to expand the collection of recyclable materials in Brazil, but to educate future generations about the need to preserve  the planet. For this reason, the program’s mascot is a friendly, blue creature called “Ecomilão”.

During the event,  an interactive artistic installation by the artist Eduardo Srur, called Mobiles,  made of recycled materials was also inaugurated today. It aims to encourage awareness of recycling by showing how “everything that is disposable can turn into something creative and interesting, providing new meaning to waste,” says the artist.

The “Recycling Stations” program is part of Carrefour’s extensive work in the sustainability front. For more than 20 years and in the countries where it operates, Carrefour has people focused on reducing the impact of our business on the environment.