Carrefour ensures the control of the four hypermarkets operated by GML

Long resembling a Mexican army list of partners Carrefour in France tapering recent years. Not necessarily for the worse, moreover, as it ultimately contributes to simplify decision-making structures in the group. And legibility, especially.
A way as to try to settle once and for all the legacies of the merger with Promodès – most partnerships forged from before the merger, so hard to swallow more than a decade later …
Thus, according to information published by our colleagues Linear, the Carrefour group has put hands on GML (Labruyère Department Stores), its partner in Saône-et-Loire and Isère since 1988. Inherited from the merger with Promodès – the first agreements dating from 1988 – the partnership between Carrefour and GMF has evolved once in 2004, when Carrefour took 50% of the shares of GML.
Relay smooth
The way is now taken for handover gentle with family Labruyère: Carrefour had already taken control of the commercial exploitation of four hypermarkets concerned in September (two in Chalon-sur-Saône, Creches-sur one -Saône and L’Isle-d’Abeau) is now to ensure the high hand on the property of the two sites of Chalon-sur-Saône, preserving GML for its part “full ownership of the property “of the other two.
Provencia, last partner weight
In the end, the conclusion of this agreement with GML, and the movement after the buyout of Guyenne et Gascogne (early 2012), the sale of Altis (end 2011), the departure of Co-op Atlantic (January 2012) and CarCoop to settle cases (April 2012) or, more formerly, the departure of Sherpa (December 2009), there remains little more to Carrefour finally as a partner … Provencia weight. An agreement in 1975, and now affects 35 stores in the Rhône-Alpes (31 Carrefour Market and Carrefour hypermarkets 4). The last of the Mohicans, in short

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