Carrefour announces its collaboration with the MiiMOSA Transition platform to financially support the agricultural transition, a device that complements the commitment made with WWF to producers in organic conversion.

After a first crowdfunding pilot of producers in Perpignan and Toulouse, Carrefour reaches a new milestone with MiiMOSA, the first crowdfunding platform for agricultural and food projects, for the launch of “MiiMOSA Transition” alongside Danone, Herta, D ‘Aucy and The Peasants of Rougelin
Les Paysans de Rougeline, explains the group. Through this partnership, all players commit to providing financial support to producers to launch agricultural projects developed around virtuous farming practices such as agroecology or bio.

This financing solution brings together important agribusiness stakeholders to help and encourage producers to change their farming, breeding and production methods in a process of progress and agricultural transition.

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