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Carrefour China tests a ceiling conveyor system

In China, Hema, Alibaba’s supermarket sign delivers to home in 30 minutes within a radius of 3 kilometers. This results in a separation of the orders made in 10 minutes. To do this, the company has opted for a ceiling conveyor transporting products from the point of sale to the storage area. Carrefour follows in the footsteps of this competitor. This is what revealed Thierry Garnier, CEO Carrefour China.

The retailer has indeed been using the same process recently. “By using this technology we can accept 3,000 orders per store per day,” said Thierry Garnier, Carrefour Asia Executive Director, Carrefour China President and CEO.

The Shanghai Gubei hypermarket has 182 meters of conveyor. “Stops” are scattered across the various departments to allow employees to ship the ordered products. Orders are sent directly to personal digital assistants and collected in-store by the staff (each occupied in a restricted picking area) and then sent in reserve. They are then consolidated.

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