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Carrefour China extends its smart distribution strategy


BEIJING, May 15 (Xinhua) – Right in the centre of Beijing, on Wangfujing Avenue, Carrefour (China) opened a new concept store in China at the end of April, the first in China, covering 680 square meters. 7000 products, including 70% from abroad.
Abandoning the traditional tricolour logo (blue, white, red), the Wangfujing store has adopted a golden logo. Instead of creating a hypermarket covering 8,000 square meters and covering more than 30,000 products, this relatively small new Carrefour store aims to attract customers who prefer quality products.

The store has a rest area inside the store where consumers can sit, eat and drink. The Wangfujing shop also offers an oenology class once a month, a store employee said.

This is a new model Carrefour store in China, after the launch in May 2018 of “The Market” in Shanghai, the fruit of cooperation with the Chinese Internet giant Tencent. The Wangfujing store uses three e-payment systems: payments with Wechat, Alipay, as well as the mini-program “Scan and go” developed by Carrefour China and Tencent, and proposed on Wechat for a payment made by scanning the code of products, to avoid the long queue to make the payment and bring a more convenient shopping experience.

The store also accepts cash payments, as Wangfujing is both a tourist and commercial area frequented by tourists and foreign businessmen.

Source: french.xinhuanet

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