Carrefour Belgium demonstrates Food Waste Controlling Methods


A new initiative was announced by Carrefour Belgium in the Walloon area of the nation to control and to reduce the food waste by slashing the prices of unsold, repacking fresh produce and to prepare meals with unsold ingredients and fresh produce. The initiative is to ensure that as many citizens are aware of the issue and to provide stakeholders involved in the food market who were already sincerely committed to this aim with a purpose, the company told in a press statement.

Similar to this, in France from 13th October to 15th, the Montesson Carrefour hypermarket was carefully installed with an anti-waste area tht demonstrates innovative begginsthat Carrefour is inducting in all the nations it operates. An event of anti-wastage buffet evenings has been showcased by renowned chefs working with charity institution caterers in Montesson, Lille, Bordeaux, Ecully and Aix-en-Provence.