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Carrefour and Nestlé will use Blockchain technology

Beyond the innovative technology applied in this Blockchain initiative, the project is managed in a completely new way, since, for the first time in Europe, a distributor and a world-renowned manufacturer have worked together on its implementation

The experience of each party has allowed to implement this project in less than 6 months, taking advantage of the knowledge of IBM, the Nestlé experience as a founding member of the Food Trust platform since 2017, and the developments of Carrefour, which has already implemented the Blockchain technology. in several products since last year.

For Carrefour, this association is a continuation of its program, Act for Food, which works for the food transition and its desire to promote Blockchain technology. For Nestlé, through a national brand such as Mousline, this first Blockchain reinforces the bond of trust with its consumers through the transparency of its supply and manufacturing chain. Staying true to its authenticity and local identity, Mousline is proud to be creating a new bond with its consumers by showing their quality and know-how.

By using the QR code provided in the packaging of the product, each consumer can use a secure platform on their phone to access information about the production supply chain, including the varieties of potatoes, used, the dates and places of manufacture, Information about the quality, and places and dates of storage before the product has reached the shelves.

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