Carrefour and Nestlé launch a new Blockchain

Blockchain technology applied to the famous Mousline puree. It is on this project that alliances Carrefour and Nestlé, which announced Monday, April 15, 2019 the launch of the first Blockchain on a national brand in Europe.

Specifically, thanks to the QR code on the product packaging (sold in Carrefour stores in France), a consumer can access, via his smartphone on a secure platform, information related to the production supply chain, such as the varieties of potatoes used, the dates and place of manufacture, quality control information, or storage locations and dates prior to shelving.

“The Blockchain technology applied to Mousline puree, a product known to all, will highlight the expertise of farmers and men and women who bring their expertise and care to the quality of a brand every day. iconic and authentic, “explain the distributor and the manufacturer in a statement.

Nestlé joined the IBM Food Trust platform in 2017 as a founding member, Carrefour last October. Six months were needed to make this project a reality. “Beyond the innovative technology applied to this first Blockchain on a national brand, the conduct of the project takes on a totally new character since, for the first time in Europe, a distributor and a world-renowned industrialist worked together to implement it. implemented, “the statement continues. For Nestlé, “this first Blockchain strengthens the bond of trust with its consumers, thanks to the transparency of its supply and manufacturing”.