Carrefour stores and Auchan are recalling fresh produce sold on their shelves. The recalled products are smoked salmon made by Marine Harvest in which Listeria was detected.

Details about the product:

Scottish pure smoked salmon from Kritsen
The affected lots, sold in particular at Auchan and Carrefour, include the 3321431025880 barcode and are sold in packs of 220 grams, 8 slices, lot 00133080, with the expiry dates of 27/12/2018, 28/12/2018 , 02/01/2019 and 11/01/2019 with sanitary stamp EN 71-158-003 CE

Scottish Carrefour Smoked Salmon
The affected lots, sold in particular at Carrefour, include the barcode 3245412729829 and are sold in packs of 140 grams, 4 slices, lots 00232780 (DLC 21/12/2018), 00732980 (DLC 23/12/2018), 00632980 ( DLC 23/12/2018), 00533080 (DLC 24/12/2018) and 00733080 (DLC 24/12/2018) with sanitary stamp FR 71-158-003 CE.

The producing company is advising customers to not consume the produc and destroy it or ring it back to the stores with a full refund.

“Do not consume and destroy or bring the product back to the store for refund. People who have consumed this product and who have fever, isolated or accompanied by headache, are advised to consult their doctor by reporting this consumption. Pregnant women need to pay special attention to these symptoms, as well as immunocompromised people and the elderly. The disease caused – listeriosis – can be serious and the incubation time can be up to eight weeks.”

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