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Carrefour abandons its cashier-less store in Brussels

The project was ambitious: to allow customers to shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to a fully automated shop without cashiers. But this Carrefour, whose opening had been announced for several months near the Grand Place in Brussels, will not see the day. The Belgian newspaper Echo announces that this project has been abandoned: information confirmed by the French giant retail.

“For technical and logistical reasons, we can not continue this project.The general tests conducted have not provided the expected guarantees,” said Marco Demerling, spokesperson for Carrefour Belgium, BX1. Customers would have had access to about 400 references in this fully automated store. After placing their order via interactive terminals, it was prepared by a machine. Staff would have been hired to receive the goods and bake bread.

According to the Echo, the tests revealed that this format did not meet the needs of customers. The spokesman did not want to specify whether this concept was definitely abandoned for the Belgian market: “I can not confirm anything.” A reflection is underway “, he said in the business paper, adding:” Carrefour develops Innovative concepts all the time We recently launched a Carrefour Café, the Shipto delivery system and Carrefour Bio “.


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