Cardtronics Providing ATM Services in Mass Quantities for Costco

Cardtronics Providing ATM Services in Mass Quantities for Costco

Contract Extension Confirms Cardtronics as Key Provider of ATM Services to
Costco; Also Represents Expanded ATM Branding Opportunity for Financial

HOUSTON, Aug. 19, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cardtronics (Nasdaq:CATM) today
announced that Costco Wholesale (Nasdaq:COST) has renewed the company as a key
provider of ATM services in the United States, adding a long-term contract
extension to a relationship established in 2005. The world’s largest retail
ATM owner, Cardtronics owns and operates more than 450 ATMs located in Costco
membership warehouses spread across 39 states today, and has expansion rights
for future Costco locations.

Characteristic of the premium, high-traffic retailers that host
Cardtronics-owned ATMs, Costco Wholesale offers compelling opportunity for
banks and credit unions by way of Cardtronics’ ATM Branding program. Elevated
brand awareness and enhanced fee-free cash access for account holders—these
are the key reasons 12 financial institutions have already placed their brands
on a portion of Cardtronics’ portfolio of Costco-located ATMs. Plus, with the
recent expansion of Cardtronics’ ATM branding program to include both
Principal Branding and Preferred Branding, all 450 ATMs are once again
available to interested financial institutions.

“Offering easy and convenient access to cash, that’s the central reason why
Costco and our ATM branding partners continue to choose Cardtronics — it’s why
Cardtronics is at the convergence retailers, financial institutions and the
customers and members we all share,” said Rick Updyke, president, North
America Business Group, Cardtronics. “With the recent evolution of our ATM
branding program, Cardtronics can make life easier for a greater number of
Costco shoppers, financial institution partners and their accountholders. And
we can do it with an expanded, cost-effective ATM branding solution set that
can be tailored to meet a bank or credit union’s specific needs.”

Principal Branding, for all practical purposes, results in a Cardtronics-owned
ATM appearing to be owned and operated by the branding bank or credit union.
This is accomplished through some combination of ATM toppers, skins, screens,
receipts and outdoor signs all displaying the brand and logo of Cardtronics’
ATM branding partner. Principal Branding is available on a one financial
institution per ATM basis.

With Preferred Branding, up to nine additional financial institutions can use
the same premium retailer location and the same Cardtronics-owned ATM,
including locations that already have a Principal Branding partner, to expand
fee-free cash access for their accountholders and generate awareness for their
bank or credit union. As for how it works, financial institutions have their
2×2 inch logo added to the Preferred Branding decal located on the ATM’s safe

Financial institutions have cumulatively branded a total of 19,000
Cardtronics-owned ATMs.

About Costco

Costco currently operates 631 warehouses, including 450 in the United States
and Puerto Rico, 85 in Canada, 33 in Mexico, 25 in the United Kingdom, 17 in
Japan, nine in Taiwan, nine in Korea and three in Australia. The Company plans
to open up to an additional six new warehouses prior to the end of its fiscal
year on September 1, 2013. Costco also operates electronic commerce web sites,
at (U.S.), (Canada), and (United

About Cardtronics (Nasdaq:CATM)

Making ATM cash access convenient where people shop, work and live,
Cardtronics is at the convergence of retailers, financial institutions,
prepaid card programs and the customers they share. Cardtronics owns/operates
more than 80,100 retail ATMs in U.S. and international locales. Whether
Cardtronics is driving foot traffic for America’s most relevant retailers,
enhancing ATM brand presence for card issuers or expanding card holders’
surcharge-free cash access on the local, national or global scene, Cardtronics
is convenient access to cash, when and where consumers need it. Cardtronics is
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