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Caprabo participates in The City of Dreams with various spaces


Caprabo participates in The City of Dreams with spaces such as a supermarket, a children’s school and a sports hall, said the supermarket chain in a statement this Friday.

The supermarket stressed that in these spaces encourage healthy eating and sport in the second edition of the new Children’s Hall, which is held on the premises of Montjuïc of Fira de Barcelona from Thursday to December 31.

The company also has a salon with the baby zone, in which families can access changing rooms and warm up food.

The company clarified that in each one of the spaces of Caprabo in the City of Dreams has a specific activity for children programmed and pointed out that they focus on “training, informing, entertaining and having fun with the family.”

For example, in the supermarket area, you can cook and buy; In the children’s school, learn how to change diapers and take care of babies, and in the sports hall, practice sports and teamwork.

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