Capgemini today announced it has been recognized as a “Leader” in the overall market segment of the NelsonHall Vendor Evaluation and Assessment Tool (NEAT) for GDPR Services. According to the report, Capgemini was named a Leader based on its “ability to deliver immediate benefit” and its “ability to meet future client requirements.”

The NEAT report highlights Capgemini’s strong delivery capability and structure, combining expertise from Capgemini Consulting as well as its Insights and Data, and Cybersecurity practices. It also recognized the strength of Capgemini’s partnerships with a broad ecosystem of product vendors, and the fact that it has a relatively large number of GDPR clients, including multiple large enterprises across industries and government organizations.

Mike Smart, Senior IT Services Analyst with NelsonHall said, “Capgemini was positioned as a leader in NelsonHall’s GDPR NEAT evaluation due to its ability to bring together its capabilities from Capgemini Consulting, its Insights and Data, and Cybersecurity teams. For its relatively high number of GDPR clients, Capgemini has been demonstrating that GDPR is not just a regulatory burden, but a chance to improve the company’s overall data strategy and increase customer loyalty.”

Capgemini has been at the forefront of helping clients with their digital transformations. A large proportion of these digital programs have focused on acquiring more customer data to gain deeper insights to help build stronger, more loyal relationships with them. Furthermore, Capgemini has also looked into how organizations and citizens perceive GDPR, and the business opportunities surrounding it. New research from Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Institute found that 85% of firms in Europe and the United States said they would not be prepared for GDPR by the May 25 deadline, and one in four will not be fully compliant by the end of this year. The report goes onto highlight that this not only puts organizations at risk of facing fines for not being compliant, but also means they are missing out on potential top line benefits, with customers indicating they would be willing to spend up to 24% more with organizations who they trust are protecting their data.

Willem de Paepe, Global GDPR Leader at Capgemini said, “We are proud to have been recognized by NelsonHall as a Leader in GDPR Services. At Capgemini, we distinguish GDPR as not just a regulatory requirement, but as a business opportunity for organizations to build trust and improve relationships with their customers and employees. Businesses that take data protection seriously, with a customer-centric approach, are likely to see a significant boost to their top line. With our range of GDPR services, we are enabling our clients to implement practical solutions to help them meet compliance and use data more strategically to benefit their business.”

Capgemini provides 25 different GDPR services, organized in nine building blocks in three layers: Assessment Services, Remediation Services and Assurance Services.

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