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Capgemini recognized as a Leader for Innovation Strategy Consulting in a Vanguard report by ALM Intelligence


Paris, June 07, 2018 – Capgemini has been positioned as a Leader by ALM Intelligence in its report: “ALM Vanguard: Innovation Strategy Consulting.” The report highlights that the Group’s combination of pure consulting, through Capgemini Consulting, and extensive technology engineering resources and innovation strategy capabilities, such as those of Fahrenheit 212, enables Capgemini to stand out among the leaders. It also recognizes the Group’s Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) network as particularly effective for simultaneously facilitating the delivery of real market outcomes to clients while instilling best practices. In addition, it mentions that Capgemini’s recent acquisition of LiquidHub contributes to its execution capabilities.

The Vanguard report assesses consulting providers in terms of their relative ability to create impact for their clients and on their overall capabilities split into two categories: capability depth, which denotes the capacity to achieve results for clients, and capability breadth which indicates the ability to deploy that capacity across multiple client scenarios. In particular, ALM Intelligence recognized Capgemini’s strong capability in project management. According to the report, the Group’s AIE network, together with its in-house and affiliated technology and engineering resources, are unparalleled for helping clients to make big bets and engage with external partners to execute them.

The report goes on to detail that, to provide its clients with Innovation Strategy Consulting, Capgemini pulls resources from its technology and digital transformation teams across the Group, as well as design capabilities obtained via the acquisitions of innovation strategy provider Fahrenheit 212 and user-centered design and strategy firm Idean.

According to ALM analyst and author of the report Nathan Simon, “Among the leaders, Capgemini stands apart by housing pure play innovation strategist Fahrenheit 212, extensive technology engineering and consulting resources under one roof. The firm’s Applied Innovation Exchanges are particularly effective for simultaneously facilitating the delivery of real market outcomes to clients and inculcating best practices. Dovetailing this with its view on the centrality of experience to effective business models, Capgemini’s acquisition of LiquidHub contributes additional execution capabilities.”

At the heart of Capgemini’s Innovation services delivery is a network of twelve Applied Innovation Exchanges (AIEs)[1]. The exchanges serve dual roles as a hub for organizing the firm’s ecosystem of startups, accelerators, incubators, strategic technology and business partners, as well as a physical location and framework to engage clients in developing new innovations and adopting best practices.

Lanny Cohen, Chief Innovation Officer at Capgemini said, “We are very proud to be recognized as a leader in Innovation Strategy Consulting by ALM Intelligence. Effective innovation requires an outcome-oriented approach and discipline ─ we call it applied innovation. Our position among leaders is testament to the exceptional innovation capabilities we have brought together across Capgemini and to our delivery of real market outcomes and best practices that have been identified as strengths for our Applied Innovation Exchanges.”

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