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Canadian organization offers packaged fresh-air to China


Fresh air reaches at a price for individuals in China. People are buying fresh air from North American manufacturer since air-pullution is major issue in the Chinese capital.

Beijing has been warned as the city has encountered the worst smog of the year. Exploiting this situation, Vitality Air, a Canadian firm, is transporting packaged fresh air in canisters to China.

Moses Lam, the co-founder of Vitality Air, set up a bottle for sale on an e-commerce site, eBay around two months ago as a prank. Presently, that prank has turned into a lucrative business as the organization is offering a container of air at an expense as high as 20 dollars for every 7.7 litre jar of Rocky Mountain fresh air, which is 50 times more costlier than packaged mineral water in China.

Some facts on Chinese air pollution includes:

1.One in each five deaths in China is because of air pollution.

  1. Industrial pollution affects 1.6 million lives across China, especially around Beijing, every year.
  2. On December 8, the smog level inclined beyond 300 AQI (Air Quality Index), which is considered as ‘extremely horrible’.
  3. The Chinese government declared red-alert on December 10 as the pollution level is recorded 500 AQI, which is termed as “hazardous” as per the US Embassy.
  4. Around 2000 kilometre of East China, encompassing cities such as Beijing, Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Changchun and Xian was covered with a blanket of heavy smog.

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