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Canada’s first standalone McCafe opens in Toronto


mccaffeCoffee business competition is brewing as McDonald’s Canada opens its first standalone McCafe in Toronto. The main McCafe area opens at Toronto’s Union Station, with a second to open in an adjacent office tower in January. The cafes will offer McDonald’s line of specialty coffees, fruit smoothies and baked goods, as well as the Egg McMuffin breakfast sandwich.

Dissimilar to other McDonald’s Canada eateries, which change from breakfast to burgers after the morning surge, McMuffins will be accessible throughout the day at the McCafes. McDonald’s has been looking past the Big Mac for development as customers have lost their liking for the organization’s well known burgers and fries. It has presented healthier choices, including plates of mixed greens and wraps, to its Canadian menu, and in the U.S. it has presented throughout the day breakfast.

McDonald’s Canada CEO John Betts says the two McCafe outlets are a pilot undertaking to figure out if the model ought to be extended. He added that clients have been requesting more of a bistro experience, and they need more access to the products. Betts said while growth in the café business sector is generally flat, McDonald’s has expanded its sales since it presented McCafe items in 2011 and has multiplied its total breakfast business in the course of recent years.

The McCafe offers a bigger selection of specialty choices than Tim Hortons, including espresso, and its two-stage preparing machine is faster than the procedure of pouring a customized Starbucks espresso.

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