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Canada – Supermarket to the world!

Canada – Supermarket to the world!


The agriculture and food industry has deep roots in Canada’s history and way of life.

Today, Canadian food and beverages are found on supermarket shelves around the world, from meat, to grains, to seafood.

Trade drives over CAD$60 billion of Canada’s exports and helps secure jobs, growth and opportunities for Canadians – and more great food choices for consumers around the world. With our relatively small population and high productive capacity, Canada is the world’s leading agricultural trader on a per capita basis. We are the world’s top exporter of canola, flax, pulse crops and wild blueberries, and a top-three exporter of wheat and pork. Canada is a world leader renowned for being a reliable source of high-quality, safe agricultural, food and seafood products. We have a pristine natural environment, abundant land and water resources, and an innovative and growing agriculture and agri-food industry.

On average, about half of the value of Canada’s agricultural production is exported, over a third of our wheat crop, two-thirds of our pork, 85 per cent of our canola and 90 per cent of our pulse crops. Close to half of our agriculture and food exports are processed foods – from our unique icewines to our iconic maple syrup.

One of my key priorities as Canada’s Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food is to promote Canadian agricultural trade interests to expand Canada’s presence on the global stage. Working closely with industry, we advocate for science and rules-based trade to open Canadian markets for agriculture and food producers, grow farm businesses and provide greater choice to consumers around the world.

To maximize our trade opportunities, we have been building relationships with key trading partners, including the European Union, the U.S., Mexico, China, Japan and Korea.

A strong culture of science, innovation and action on the environment is critical to keeping agriculture on the cutting edge. Canada’s agricultural scientists continue to give farmers the tools they need to meet international demands for innovative, safe, and environmentally sustainable food. For example, through higher-yielding crops that can resist disease and insects, science is helping Canadian farmers increase production while reducing their environmental footprint.

There are great opportunities for the agriculture and food industry in Canada and around the world. By 2050, global demand for food is projected to grow by 60 per cent. Canada’s agriculture and food sector  has the resources and ingenuity it takes to meet that demand.

Together we will work to make Canada the “supermarket to the world”.


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