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Call for banning Christmas advertising until December 1

Former British Labour Home Secretary says that High streets and shops should be banned from advertising Christmas until December 1. David Blunkett, Former Labour Home Secretary, in a letter to the Times has called for a ban for advertisement to restore “meaning to the Christian festival.” He faulted the advertisers saying that many have forgotten that this is a Christian celebration.

In his letter Lord Blunkett wrote, “A moratorium on all commercial promotions of Christmas until December 1 would perhaps enhance both the celebration and restore some meaning to what, after all, is supposed to be a Christian festival.”

Many supermarkets have already started selling advertisement calendars. Oxford Street will officially start the holiday shopping season by switching on the lights on Sunday November 6th. In UK, television advertisements for the holiday season also get aired in the first week of November itself. It is not the first time that such a cry for advertisement ban has been made. In 2012, advertisers were accused of “airbrushing” religion out of Christmas. This was after a market report came out revealing that only one present of the Christmas cards featured the birth of Jesus.

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