Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut bar recipe changes after 90 years

dairy milkCadbury’s is altering the recipe of the Fruit and Nut bar after 90 years – with adding sultanas for the first time. The decided change for the famous chocolate bar, which was initiated in 1926, is designed to include “variety” to the bar, as per Cadbury’s sources.

A spokesperson of Cadbury’s said: “While raisins have conventionally been the “fruit” of Cadbury Fruit and Nut, sultanas have been included into the fold to include more variety. “It’s vital we have an adaptable source of the dried fruit we use in our Fruit and Nut bars to hold quality and guarantee it’s still a reasonable treat.”

The new form bars will be in shops before the end of month, although the package will continue as before. The only way to build up whether a bar incorporates sultanas or has been made using the traditional recipe will be through checking the ingredients. Cadbury’s ran taste tests of new formula bar and learned 200 people were not able to differentiate between sultanas and raisins. In any case, many people on Twitter were concerned about the news that the formula was going to change. The new recipe change comes after the company’s choice to change the formula for its Creme Eggs started an irate response from numerous corners.