Buxoff Launches First of a Kind E-Commerce Discussion Forums in America

After tasting success on its online platform for coupons and offers, Buxoff.com has gone one step ahead in providing a seamless experience for online consumers by launching discussion forums that will be dedicated to E-commerce.

Buxoff.com, the first truly free online platform for offers, was launched to enable thousands of online retailers to promote its store by providing exciting deals and offers to consumers. Buxoff states that while there are multiple discussion forums present on the net, but there isn’t a single forum that is dedicated to

E-commerce, whether it is about finding the right product, right offer, product reviews, or whether you need to know the latest technology trends related to E-commerce, you will find it on buxoff discussion forums (http://buxoff.com/c/) .

“While currently the forum is in its beta phase, we plan to use technology to differentiate our platform. In the coming days we will be using Artificial Intelligence (Ai ) to provide the most relevant and personalized content to our user community in terms of trending topics and stores.”