– 41% of small businesses have contingency plans in place –

Small businesses are better prepared to handle industrial action and transport strikes than in recent years.


According to research by alldayPA, one of the UK’s leading call answering services for business, 41% of small businesses do have contingency plans in place to enable staff to work remotely without customers being aware of any disruption.


Over a third (34%) of those surveyed said they had reviewed their business continuity plans in the last 12 months. This comes in light of The Federation of Small Businesses estimating £600 million was lost in working hours, business and productivity during the February 2014 tube strike.


27% of respondents also admitted to investing in remote working equipment and IT infrastructure in the last 12 months. New technology can help businesses grow and boost productivity as well as act as a safety net during unexpected interruptions.


Reuben Singh, chief executive officer at alldayPA, said: “Smaller businesses have become more aware of the need for contingency plans, whether it is in response to extreme weather conditions or strikes.


“The mantra for many forward thinking business is ‘never let the customer know’.  Outsourced solutions such as intelligent switchboard answering, means no calls are lost, despite staff being away from their desks, with calls rerouted to mobile or home office numbers seamlessly.”


Each time major disruption hits, uptake of solutions such as alldayPA grow amongst small businesses according to Reuben.


“Snow, strikes and a general shift towards mobile and more flexible working practices mean businesses have made it easier for workers to simply press a button and have the outsourced PA services take the strain.