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Brussels demands organic barricades

A ship loaded with cereal which is labelled as ‘organic’ arrived at the Antwerp Port last December, but when the Belgium authorities tested it they found the cargo contain traces of pesticides. The authorities decertified it told that the cereals could not be sold as organic. The ship set off to Rotterdam Port where Dutch authorities approved the cargo, meaning the cereal which was rejected by the Belgian authorities could easily made it path to Belgian markets.

Czech Republic, Italy and Belgium are the only countries in the EU that by law de certify organic productrs which contain pesticides. The current law of EU is very clear that the fertilizers  and pesticides should be in approved volume that have been authorised for organic production. However the law doesn’t explain how to deal with products which found unauthorized chemicals.  All the EU countries except these three tolerate the so called contamination. Consumer groups say that organic farming is at stake while supermarkets are putting their best efforts to keep products labelled as organic from being tested for pesticides. The European Commissioner for Agriculture Phil Hogan told that they have to defend the integrity of the organic label. Germany’s Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt added that It is their goal to increase the production of organic food in Germany…Reducing organic to a question of thresholds is no solution.

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