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Bringing digital clarity to group communication, the imagineear Digital groupGuide™ raises the bar for tour groups, keeps groups engaged, saves guides’ voices

London.  imagineear rounds out its product offering with a group guidance system, the Digital groupGuide™ that brings digital clarity to tour groups worldwide.

Short range wireless group guide systems are increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why.  After a day keeping a group together by raising an umbrella and their voice, guides are exhausted.  It’s particularly difficult in noisy environments, like outdoor urban spaces or on factory tours.  Groups are hard to manage, and as the day wears on and their patience wears out, members of the group dissipate, lose interest and lose touch.  But the guide needs to shepherd them back to base nonetheless.  The guides have earned their tips the hard way – but now all this is set to change.

A digital group guide clips onto the belt.  The guide wears a microphone with integral on-off switch and tunes the transmitter to one of multiple digital channels.  The group wear headsets or earphones, and hear the guide with perfect clarity within a bubble that can be set as wide as 50 metres.  The benefit to the guide is that he never has to raise his voice.  To the user the benefit is that he regains control of his visit, and can wander within a reasonable distance and stay perfectly connected.  Noisy environment?  No need to shout – just turn the volume up.  The guide can even mix pre-recorded material like interviews with live voice if he or she wishes.  And at the end of the day, they lock the sets in a charging suitcase for safekeeping – and overnight charging at the same time.

The imagineear Digital groupGuide operates in the 2.4GHz range, free to use worldwide, so tour operators can purchase with confidence, and take the same system with them wherever they go.  Like all imagineear products, there is a two year warranty on product sold in the European Union, and both transmitter and receiver have ROHS, CE (ETSI), UN and FCC approvals.

As Graham Hukins, Visitor Centre Manager at Shepherd Neame Brewery, said of the imagineear system they installed recently: “this has changed our lives – and for the much better: everyone is happier: visitors and guides alike. I can’t think how we managed without the group guide system”.

For more information about imagineear’s new Digital groupGuide™ system, contact Ziv Kushnir at the details below.

About imagineear

Enhancing Visitor Experiences

imagineear is a young and dynamic full service interpretation company, offering multimedia tours to arts and sporting venues, cultural sites and visitor attractions around the world.  We have a highly experienced team and are based in London, with regional headquarters in Singapore and Amsterdam.  Offering stand-out value for money, we use our experience to drive innovation, and create additional revenue streams from rental and retail models, both on- and off-site.

For more information about imagineear, please visit

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