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Brie-lieve it or not cheese officially trumps chocolate


A fromage frenzy is sweeping the nation – 40% of Brits reveal they would rather give up chocolate than cheese. Half of Brits would sacrifice social media for cheese. Nearly one in five admit they can’t live without cheese and find themselves regularly craving it.

It’s one of the most divisive questions that splits the nation, involving two of the most addictive foods known to man – chocolate or cheese?

Now the debate has been settled, and there is clearly a fromage frenzy sweeping the country, with 40% of Brits revealing they would rather give up chocolate than cheese, according to the research from Asda to mark National Chocolate Week.

In fact, our love of cheese runs so deep, nearly half (47%) of Brits would rather sacrifice social media than ever be faced with the prospect of giving up cheese. This is followed by beer (46%), clothes shopping (45%), dining out (37%) and even hugs (27%).

Whether indulging in a mild mozzarella or salivating over a sharp stilton, nearly half of Brits (49%) admit it’s one of their favourite foods. Nearly one in five (16%) even go so far as declaring they can’t live without cheese and regularly find themselves craving it.

For those who think choosing between chocolate and cheese is an impossible predicament, Asda has come to the rescue with the launch of a genius chocolate and cheese hybrid creation, just in time for Christmas. The new Wensleydale with Chocolate and Orange Truckle combines Award winning creamy Wensleydale with zesty orange and delicious milk and white chocolate.

An Asda spokesperson said: “It’s clear that we’re in the throes of a cheese revolution, with a new wave of innovative artisan suppliers encouraging us to think beyond conventional cheddar. Brits are experimenting more than ever and pushing the boundaries when it comes to cheese thanks to the vast array of thoughtfully crafted products available on supermarket shelves.”

Asda’s Wensleydale with Chocolate and Orange Truckle will be available in store from 23rd November with an RRP of £1.00.

Things Brits would sacrifice for cheese:

1) Social media

2) Beer

3) Clothes shopping

4) Wine

5) Dining out

6) TV

7) Phone

8) Books

9) Hugs

10) Internet

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