The country demonstrates the strength of its food production industry with a delegation of 82 companies that, under the coordination of Apex-Brasil, are participating in SIAL 2012, held in Paris, between 21st and 25th October

          Brazil’s exports of agribusiness, food and beverage products grew by 28.98% in 2011, compared to the previous year, and resulted in revenues of US$ 76.9 billion. Of this total, US$ 45.35 billion came from the sales of processed food and beverage products. According to figures from the GTIS (Global Trade International System), these results ensured third place for Brazil in the global pecking order of countries exporting these products. In 2010, the country was ranked fifth.

GTIS figures also show that, between 2007 and 2011, Brazilian exports of agribusiness, food and beverage products enjoyed an average rate of growth of 18.09% per year – the highest rate amongst the top five exporters of these products in the world. With its impressively broad range, Brazil’s products reached consumers in over 200 countries last year.

“Brazil offers the world an enormous variety of processed food and beverages; all with the highest standards of quality, technology and sophistication. This is what we will show at SIAL 2012, counting with the presence of 82 Brazilian companies”, says Apex-Brasil (the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency) president Mauricio Borges.

He went on to stress that Brazil has, over the last few years, been making significant investments into research and technology in order to increase the productivity and competitive edge of these segments: “Our current position in the global ranking is the fruit of heavy investment into technology, both for machinery and supplies, as well as for research in agriculture and the food and beverage industry, which focus on innovation, design and sustainability.”

Production and sustainability

Studies conducted by the Brazilian government forecast a 23% growth in the production of grains and a 26.5% increase in the production of beef, chicken and pork in the decade (2010-20). These results will be achieved by expanding the current cultivated area by only 9.5% and maintaining the country’s environmental preservation areas untouched.

Over the last few years, the Brazilian agricultural sector has developed mainly in tandem with increased productivity. As a result, 68% of the Brazilian territory retains its original, native vegetation.

The current grain harvest (2011/2012) should reach a record-breaking 165.9 million tons.

Brazil’s presence at SIAL

SIAL 2012 will witness the vigour of Brazil’s food producing sector over 21st to 25th October, in Paris. Under the coordination of Apex-Brasil, the country will be represented by a delegation of 82 companies covering a broad spectrum of food and beverage segments, and occupying an area measuring 1,600 square metres, with stands in three of the show’s halls.

Within the sphere of agribusiness, the Agency is developing 18 social projects together with the participation of 748 companies that were responsible for US$ 16.16 billion of exports in 2011. From January to August 2012, these exports reached US$ 9.92 billion.

Brazil is currently the top exporter of sugar, green coffee, chicken, soy and orange juice. Furthermore, the country is the second largest producer and third largest exporter of beef in the world (see table below).

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