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Bountiful Boxing Day with Aldi’s seasonal range

Boxing Day doesn’t have to mean turkey sandwiches; update the traditional cold meat buffet and keep the jolly festive feeling going with Aldi’s seasonal range. From show-stopping pies to delicately smoked salmon, there is more than enough to satisfy every distant relative and Boxing Day palate.

Bountiful buffet

Tender pork, succulent chicken and exquisite pate are all encased inside deliciously textured pastry and topped with golden hued fruit to create Aldi’s Specially Selected Exquisite Jewelled Layered Pie  (£14.99, 1.75kg, 73272).  This Olive Christmas Supermarket Award winning centrepiece will bring just enough sparkle to your Boxing Day feast.

Create a classic buffet with a little extra something by bringing Specially Selected Exquisite British Charcuterie (£2.79, 60-70g, 71697) and Specially Selected Exquisite Italian Culatello Di Parma (£2.49, 90g, 72434) to the table, complemented with Aldi’s Rouzaire Brie with Truffle (great price in store, 310g, 73763) served temptingly on Specially Selected Exquisite Crackers (£1.99, 150g, 72091); to make your Boxing Day buffet one no guest will resist.

And for a buffet with a touch of the continent the Specially Selected 1901 Jamón Ibérico Whole Leg (£69.99, 6.5kg, 71566) is the perfect addition to the table.  Hand-rubbed with salt and matured for 2 years to develop an incredible depth of flavour, it provides an abundant amount of meat that is sure to see you through for days.

For something a little more delicate the Specially Selected 1901 Jamón Ibérico Cebo (£24.99, 950g, 71567) offers the same outstanding quality Spanish air dried ham from black Iberian pigs, at a sixth of the size.  Add Specially Selected Jarred Olives (£3.99, 480g, 71866) and you and your guests are ready to flamenco the night away.

Classic and smoked

Nothing tastes quite as decadent as beautifully smoked Scottish salmon.  This year why not include Specially Selected Exquisite Rope Hung Salmon (£19.99, 650g 73072) to entice the family from the festive fog?  Presented in a wooden box complete with knife and board, this luxurious fillet of salmon is hand filleted then hung over an oak wood fire for a delicate smoky flavour, it is a classic festive treat.

The Specially Selected Exquisite Smoked Salmon (£3.99 each, 100g, 73073)  in either Mojito or Gin & Tonic flavour packs more of a party punch without losing the delicate texture and taste smoked salmon is revered for.

Party pickings

Finger food is perfect for entertaining the masses.  Aldi’s Specially Selected British Cheeseburger Sliders (£2.99, 380g, 73399) with a choice of Monterey Jack Cheeseburger Sliders with Tomato Relish or West Country Cheeseburger Sliders with Tomato Relish will be sliding off plates in no time.  Add some Specially Selected Mini Quiches (£1.99, 216g, 66544), Specially Selected British Pork Belly Squares (£2.99, 300g, 73401) and Specially Selected Mini British Pies (£2.49, 360g, 66415) to please the Boxing Day crowds.

Keep the sweet toothed happy with a 60 Piece Dessert Platter – £3.99, 792g (66537).  From heavenly mini ring doughnuts with chocolate topping and sugar sprinkles, salted caramel filled choux pastry puffs and puff pastry slices bursting with vanilla flavoured custard and strawberry spread, your Boxing Day will be sugar coated and devoured. If you’re looking for a showstopper then look no further than Aldi’s Specially Selected Croquembouche – £4.99, a spectacular tower of cream and chocolate filled choux profiteroles, piled high on a gold stand with lashings of chocolate and caramel sauce, sprinkled with festive gold stars.

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