Bossen Introduces Bursting Boba Pure25

Bossen, a pioneer brand in bringing forward fun Asian eats, has announced its new Bursting Boba Pure25 frozen yogurt and dessert topping Collection. Pure25 is the first product line that increases juice level to 25%, as opposed to up to 15% among others on the market. Each boba also becomes bigger to 10 millimeters in diameter, and thus holds 40% more juice.

Also, Bursting Boba® Pure25 is for the health-conscious. The products are vegetarian, cholesterol free, fat free, and low in calorie and sodium. In addition, it is very easy to prepare. No cooking is necessary. Simply scoop and top it on frosty desserts or drinks to create a fun snacking experience.

“After months of efforts, we are proud to present Pure25, a collection to fulfill the growing demand of healthy snacks,” said Edward Shen, Business Development Director for Bossen. “It is more refreshing, more ‘bursting’ in every bite. We are looking forward to introducing it to more diverse food and beverage businesses.”

The Pure25 Collection consists of 6 flavors in 7.26-lb. Packages. The flavors are Strawberry, Mango, Lychee, Kiwi, Blueberry, and Passion Fruit. Each tub of Bursting Boba® Pure25 can create approximately 110 servings, considering each serving contains 30 bobas (0.8 oz.). It is ready to serve. It is shelf-stable and only needs refrigeration after opening. It can last 18 months from the manufactured date. For more information, visit Bursting Boba® Pure25 product page. About Bossen Bossen, a brand under Leadway International, Inc. since 2012, offers virtually every essential for Asian specialty dessert businesses from bubble tea beverage and toppings, Taiwanese snow ice to commercial equipment, and custom printed disposables. Its Boba Academy session has consulted more than 100 food business entrepreneurs to start up a tea business. To learn why tea business owners choose Bossen as their top supplier, visit, or join and