Konzum, with the support of the Croatian Trade Union Trade Union, increased the benefits to its employees with 350 kuna from January 1 this year. The increase will be paid on a permanent basis, in addition to the monthly salary in an amount that is wholly non-redeemable, starting with the salary for January.
“I am pleased to start this year with good news for our employees. Their satisfaction is high on the list of our priorities, and with this move, we want to show them once again how much we appreciate their daily work and efforts, which contribute to stable business and achievement of good business results, “said Slavko Ledić, CEO of Konzum.

The increase in benefits is a continuation of Konzum’s policy of improving and increase labor rights and benefits. Due to successful business results, since the beginning of 2018, salaries have increased by a total of six percent. With the increase in the amount of Christmas bonus paid to the amount of 1,500 kuna per employee, during 2018 a number of other benefits, such as Easter, Recovery, Children’s Gifts and Paid Private Health Insurance, were also provided.

In the past year, Konzum has employed more than 1,300 new people, mostly in retail and logistics. It offers all colleagues flexible working hours, a convenience that is especially interesting for parents, students, and now also retirees for whom it is open for part-time employment, in accordance with the new legal provisions.

Source: seebiz

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