Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur AOCs have launched a new UK promotional campaign to raise awareness of the categories, and of Bordeaux Blanc in particular, and show both wine trade and consumers that there is good value for money to be found in the lower echelons of Bordeaux wines.

Initially the campaign will target the wine trade and lifestyle media and bloggers, particularly the stars of tomorrow such as students in hospitality and catering colleges and the new generation of wine experts now coming up through the industry. The campaign will also target a younger consumer audience with the aim of making Bordeaux Blanc a relevant and front of mind wine choice in their daily lives.

Designed to break with the traditional image of these appellations, the campaign has been designed to reinvent their consumption, and as such there will be a strong focus on food and wine matching featuring a link up with some of London’s leading street food chefs and vendors as well as with some of the afore mentioned new generation of wine experts. Both of these elements will feature strongly at the campaign’s two main events this year; a press tasting of award winning wines and an educational seminar for members of the Hospitality Guild which can be accessed remotely, both will take place in London in September.

 Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur account for 55% of all Bordeaux drunk in the world with a bottle being consumed every 13 seconds!The UK is the third most important export market for this category in terms of volume, accounting for 8% of total exports around 115,200 hl in 2013. Although the campaign will promote the wines from all 7 of its appellations; Red Bordeaux, Red Bordeaux Supérieur, White Bordeaux, Sweet white BordeauxSupérieur, Rosé Bordeaux, Bordeaux Clairet and the sparkling Crémant de Bordeaux, the main focus will be on dry white Bordeaux.

White Bordeaux accounts for 8% of the total area planted or approximately 6,449 hectares producing 304,689hl and has seen huge success in international markets in recent years with exports rising more than 31% since 2009 to 234,848hl *. The UK and Belgium are the leading export markets for white Bordeaux, each importing 14% of total exports. After a drop in the early 2000s, the USA and Japan are also once again showing renewed interest in this category.

Marc Medeville, Vice President of the Syndicat Viticole des Bordeaux et Bordeaux Supérieur says, “This is our first UK promotional campaign in 4 years, so we are very happy to be back and actively supporting sales again in this, one or our leading export markets for Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur.” He continues, “Our main aim is to make Bordeaux Blanc wines relevant to a younger audience by demonstrating that not only do they offer great quality and value for money, but that they are also everyday wines for enjoying with food