The market for vegetarian and vegan food is booming in Germany. According to the industry report released  by the Institute for Trade Research (IFH) Cologne, 2015 saw an enormous growth in the vegan food market with a total sale of EUR 454 million. The report titled “industry report Vegetarian & Vegan: fad or sustainable growth momentum?” indicates that the trend would follow.

The report suggests that more and more consumers are opting for vegetarian and vegan food. This could be a great news for the supermarkets as it could increase their market share. Over the past five years, sales increased most in the vegetarian and vegan meat and dairy alternatives product groups as well as breakfast including vegetable spreads, cereals. The average annual growth rate here was almost 17 percent, most were dairy alternatives such as soy milk. Other departments that have only a few consumers were vegan juices and wines. This growth will continue, according to IFH forecasts in the coming years.

IFH study found out that there was an increase in number of consumers who do not want to eat meat every day. For these target groups, there are beautiful neologisms: As would be the “Flexitarians”one who mostly but not always eat, meatless, or the “Pescetarier” who do not eat meat, but not fish.Also the food and health-conscious consumers, as well as religious groups, allergy sufferers and people with high cholesterol are increasingly resorting to vegan and vegetarian products.

For the “IFH sector report Vegetarian & Vegan” 1,044 consumers questioned. Accordingly, the proportion of “real” vegetarian or vegan is around four percent of the population. The group of Flexitarians makes nearly 24 percent of Germans from – and rising, as well as in the vegans and vegetarians. Main buyers of meat alternatives in Germany are currently Flexitarians. Vegans and vegetarians are female to 81 percent, on average young (under 29) and well educated.

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