Body-Cams  for Asda’s staff to enhance security

After a very long trailer period, the giant retailer Asda has finally approved the new security system which makes every agent of Asda’s staff a security device.

The application of the initiative has been agreed to be under an agreement between the retailer and Edesix which is specialized in the provision of Body Worn Cameras BWC, the company will be collaborating with CBES to install the new security system.

Richie McBride, managing director of Edesix stated: “Asda, along with CBES, identified the need to re-think its key security policy around challenging aggressive behavior towards staff. In searching for a technology partner, CBES chose Edesix as their BWC provider, to deploy initially to the most affected stores, eventually rolling out to over 250 sites across the UK. The aim was to improve the safety of colleagues in public facing roles and shoppers within the stores, whilst producing compelling evidence when needed.”