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Blue Bell back in New Orleans and selling fast


Blue Bell fans herd to New Orleans supermarkets, as the famed ice cream gets back in town. Managers at supermarket stores in the New Orleans area reported that the ice creams were flying out of their coolers. Through the span of around a half hour at the North Carrollton Rouses, Blue Bell was the only ice cream that clients were putting in their shopping carts. After a long gap of eight-months, a Blue Bell ice cream proves to be a favorite for many shoppers. The well-liked ice cream based in Texas was pulled from the racks over listeria apprehensions in April. The company progressively cleaned, examined and re-opened its plants and returned the ice cream to select stores a few weeks ago

At Rouses and the Winn-Dixie store over the road, no unique signs or notices stating Blue Bell’s arrival were placed. The containers were just back in the cooler, in spite of the fact that the flavor selection is still constrained. The organization is as of now manufacturing buttered pecan, cookies ‘n’ cream, Dutch chocolate, homemade vanilla, pistachio almond, peppermint and The Great Divide, which is half Dutch chocolate and half hand crafted vanilla.

The Langenstein’s store on Arabella Street in Uptown New Orleans failed to get its Blue Bell conveyed until mid day. Store chief Patrick Brackins said the phone had been ringing throughout the morning with individuals thinking about whether it was in yet. By 1 p.m., it was “just about sold out,” he said. “They’re purchasing peppermint,” he said.

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