Binghams secure new Asda contract for its “potted pulled pork”

A Sheffield based business is celebrating after grocery store chain Asda agreed to stock its most recent item in 29 stores over the north of England and the Midlands.

Binghams’ Potted Pulled Pork sits nearby the company’s effective and now settled Potted Beef, Beef Spread and Beef and Tomato Spread, already supplied at Asda stores.

Binghams, which was established in 1914, by Charles Bingham, a popular meat dealer in Sheffield, initially began supplying around 30 Asda stores across Yorkshire in 2008 and now has items in very nearly 100 over the UK. Binghams also sold potted beef.

He constructed the first  Binghams manufacturing plant in Crookes, where the business remains today.

Binghams is currently owned  by its previous general Manager, Peter Moon and his wife Stella, who gave back the business back to private possession from Northern Foods in 2007. Binghams now sells more than 670,000 products every year with Asda and employs 20 peoples at its sheffeild headquarters.

Mr Moon said:  “We have an incredible association with Asda”.