Bill proposed to increase beer and vodka prices

The Ireland Government has decided to increase the price of beer and vodka to check the usage of alcohol among countrymen. According to the new proposed legislation minimum price for a can of beer is expected to rise to €2 and the price of vodka would double from where it is now.

The Health Minister Leo Varadkar said that the new plans are being initiated to cut voracious boozing. A can of brew will cost in anywhere around €1.95; while a bottle of wine will set you back €8.60. The base cost for liquor will be set at 10c/gram of alcohol, which implies a bottle of supermarket own brand vodka could dramatically increase in cost from 13 to 28 euro.

Varadkar added that Ireland needs to change its damaging attitude to alcohol. There is a enormous amount of difference between occasional drinking with friends and spoil oneself in regular binge drinking. From personal health hazards to the society it affects, the perils of drinking are huge. Absenteeism, public disorder, violence, traffic accidents are some of the associated mental health consequences of over drinking.

The minister said the facts about Ireland’s drinking habits are alarming. Four out of ten engage in binge drinking. The government believes that the bill could address alcohol as a health issue and tackle it by increasing price and making it less available, along with marketing, labeling and advertising activities. Varadkar said he was confident with his approach and expects this would help make significant change to the way people consume alcohol.