Bikers deliver Tesco’s Christmas gifts to Hospitals
The bikers with the collection at Tesco
The bikers with the collection at Tesco

Tesco in collaboration with a bikers charity group will deliver gifts to kids and the elderly who will be staying in hospital this Christmas.

Bikers from the Herts Beds and Bucks Bikers Club met at Tesco’s Dunstable store wearing Christmas dresses to collect presents to deliver to patients at Luton and Dunstable and Stoke Mandeville hospitals.

One of the community champions, Karen Linley said that they gave breakfast to every one of the bikers in the charity group and loaded every one of the gifts onto their trailer that they made into a sleigh. They went to two different stores to gather more gifts and after that went to the wards at the clinics to deliver the presents.

The team said that the response was phenomenal. it was stunning to see every one of the kids waving from the window of the clinic to welcome Santa, they said.

It was not the first instance that a biker charity group came forward to deliver the presents. Earlier, around 40 bicycle and bike riders made an effort to deliver Christmas presents to Rainforest Ward of Grimsby and St Andrew’s Children’s Hospitals.