Biedronka will open its 3000th store

Pedro Soares Dos Santos, President and CEO of Jeronimo Martins, announced in the pages of portal that in 2019 a Biedronka store will be opened in Poland. This will probably happen in autumn, but the company does not give the exact date or location of the store.

At the end of 2018, there were 2,900 Biedronka in Poland. This year, the network is to expand by approximately 110 stores. In total, Jeronimo Martins plans to invest EUR 350-400 million in development in Poland, including in the extension of the Biedronka and Hebe chains.

Biedronka is also planning to launch a new, smaller format of stores, which is intended to help gain the market of small towns, where Biedronka is not yet available, and large cities that are already heavily saturated with large Biedronka. For now, the company plans to launch 50 stores of this type, with an area of approximately 400 m².