Biedronka will give employees annual awards.

According to the news portal, bonuses in the amount of PLN 2,100 gross (PLN 1,530 net) will be given to employees employed in Biedronka full-time (apart from the managerial staff). In the case of part-time employees, the bonus will be proportionally lower.

Additional conditions are at least a year of work at Biedronka chain (specifically – employment no later than April 3, 2018) and absence from work for more than 180 days in the previous year. Prizes will also not be given to those employees whose work has been rated “below expectations” or “definitely below expectations”.

This year’s bonuses will be by 5 percent. higher than last year’s. They have to hit employees’ accounts before Easter.

Currently, people starting work in Biedronka as a full-time cashier’s salesman can earn at least 2,700,000 a month. gross PLN, including the reward for the lack of unplanned absences in a given month. After three years, earnings can reach the level of PLN 2,950 gross per month. In selected locations, these amounts are higher, eg in Warsaw, they reach PLN 3,550 gross after three years of service.