Biedronka – Takeaway food – President revealed about his plans

Martins Pedro Soares Dos Santos – president of Jerónimo Martins has specific intentions in the changes concerning the Biedronka chain. It’s all about increasing the sales of fresh products – from 40 percent to 70 percent, Biedronka would like it to become a “take-out restaurant”. In addition, there is a plan to open new stores of the most popular discount, all over Poland. President Jerónimo Martins gave the details according to Polska press group.

” We have increased employment very much over the years. We created 50,000 new jobs. The company will continue to develop, perhaps within the next two years, also outside Poland.”

” As a group we will have more and more fresh products and ready-made meals, becoming more like a “take-out restaurant”, President Jeronimo Martins said.

He added ” At the moment, 40 percent of Biedronka’s sales are fresh and we want to raise this ratio to 70 percent”