From Monday, discount stores of the Biedronka network will include many books that will be available for purchase for less than PLN 10. The promotional campaign entitled “Summer Book Market” will cover over 400 titles.

  • In Biedronka we are aware of the huge role played by reading. For this reason, we have focused on promoting books a few years ago. Thanks to such actions as Letni Kiermasz Książki, we want to show Poles that reading does not have to be a big expense. In addition, we offer a new offer on our shelves every week, so everyone can find something for themselves in Biedronka – says Bartłomiej Jarzyna, a merchant responsible for the offer of books in Biedronka, quoted in a press release.

As part of the action of Biedronka stores chain, a wide range of children’s books will be available on shelves as well as mandatory items for fans of crime novels, historical, youth and moral literature.

The offer will include “Life on a full petard” by priest Jan Kaczkowski, as well as classics of literature and works of contemporary and award-winning authors – Zygmunt Miłoszewski, Rick Riordan and James Patterson.


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