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Biedronka gives thousands of cards


For the second time in a row, Biedronka carries out a joint campaign with Caritas addressed to seniors. Over 6,600 people over 60 years of age will receive PLN 150 each month to spend on shopping in Biedronka. The money will go to the pre-paid card for 10 months. The network will allocate PLN 10 million for the “On Daily Shopping” program.

The first edition of the Biedronka and Caritasu program was held in 2018. Then help went to 5,300 people. In this year’s edition “On everyday shopping”, 6,600 people will take part.

As the data from last year showed, seniors usually bought fruits, meats and butter using the card. Interestingly, the declarations of program participants show that they often reach for food products that they have never tried before.

Program participants receive not only financial assistance, but also volunteer support. Both during shopping and in many other daily activities. According to seniors are also given the opportunity to participate in meetings, organized activities that are designed to help them deal with loneliness.

Program participants will receive support from March to December 2019.

According to GUS data, at the end of 2017, there were over 9 million people in Poland who were over 60 years old. According to estimates, in 2050 there will be about 13.7 million, or 40 percent. the entire population of our country.

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