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Biedronka does not allow trade unionists to conduct a strike referendum in stores

The network has sent a letter to the shop managers about this matter. Jeronimo Martins, the owner of Biedronka, emphasizes in the letter that he is not the organizer of the referendum “at any stage”, but the role of the company committee of NSZZ “Solidarność” fulfills this role.

The letter states that the shop managers can not “forward the list of employees of the given institution, announce the dates of the referendum in the given institution, take over voting cards to store them or hand them over to employees, store voting vouchers (even for a short time), give work breaks in to participate in the referendum, to persuade or prohibit employees from participating in the referendum after working hours and outside the workplace. “

Piotr Adamczak, the head of NSZZ “Solidarność” in Biedronka in an interview withthe local press, explains that the trade unionists – in connection with Biedronka’s decision – had to find other ideas to conduct a referendum on the technical side. Most likely, the network employees will vote in front of the stores, as soon as their changes are completed. It is worth emphasizing that the referendum should last for a very long time, until the end of April, which results from a large number of Biedronka employees (about 65,000).


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